Printing/Programming and General Making at SiGNL Labs

It’s been a hectic month at SiGNL Labs. We are working on a few big projects for our clients and while we can’t share too much detail until later, we decided to give you a bit of a tease.


A lot of the projects have a few custom properties to them. 3D Printing has been a big help in this regard. Imagine holding a physical concept in your hands hours after the initial idea? It’s an awesome feeling and definitely makes Rapid Prototyping of custom objects easy. We have been using a variety of printers and materials to make our clients' dreams come alive :).


Everything that comes of the 3D printer is mostly plastic and for some added functionality we marry it to various electronic bits and pieces. Some of our favorite platforms include the Raspberry Pi embedded computer, but we also like the Teensy micro controller for some more real time functions that require speed and precision.


Where would you need this speed and precision you ask? How about driving more than 1000 full-colour LEDs at a refreshing 30 frames per second? The colours are purely mesmerising and we frequently catch ourselves staring…


A big part of our experiences that we create is the interaction. We are having fun with robotic arms and object detecting cameras to create a new spin on old classic games. Combine this with some custom 3D printing and you have something that looks like it was delivered from the future … and it works without requiring 1.21 gigawatts of power!


These are exciting times and we are fortunate to work with such great clients. We will be sharing more details on all of these projects in the future so stay tuned :).


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