Event Passes

SiGNL Labs designs and manufactures customized interactive event passes aimed at enhancing event experiences. Our events passes have different capabilities, depending on what you need, which we’ve outlined below.

PCD Event Badges built for a Local Tech Festival 

PCD Event Badges built for a Local Tech Festival 

PCB Event Badges

These are custom badges which are essentially PCBs or Printed Circuit Boards - just a fancy term for electronics on a board.

The badges can be created as custom shapes depending on your needs and/or the theme of your event.  

The interactions we can add include geo-tracking of attendees, which would allow you gather and analyse data on the number of attendees as well as their movements throughout the venue, this can be done during and after the event.The interactive event badge can also include simple on-board games or something more suitable to enhance your story/theme as well as easter eggs for the more tech savvy who may plug it into a computer later. For the latter, we can also make it more of an alternate version to the usual info on a USB drive for post-event content.

These badges can be worn around the neck with a lanyard

NFC Sticker Activated Interaction Built for a Client

NFC Sticker Activated Interaction Built for a Client

NFC Event Passes

NFC event passes include customized cards (similar to MyCiti or Gautrain cards) or stickers which can be attached to any object (eg the bottom of a wine glass for a wine festival) attendants can then use the NFC enabled object or their NFC Card to tap on various interaction points.

These interaction points can include tapping to receive more information (mailed or otherwise messaged to them), take part in a game, initiate an installation, etc. They can be assigned to many actions. They can also be used to unlock rewards or badges for meeting certain criteria such as “tapped on 100% of interaction points for example”

The story of their individual journeys (what they interacted with, what they requested information on, etc) can then be emailed to them after the event.

SiGNL Labs provides a system which includes the interaction point as well as the NFC enabled object/card, we have 3D printing capacity so both are fully customizable to your needs.