Focus Areas


Events and Experiences

Want your event to stand out? To be remembered, shared, and generate value for your client? We can help.

Our team can assist with event analytics using sensors which detect footfall, and can assist in developing interactive experiences purpose built for your event.


Smart-shoppers now look to the web to help them spend wisely, or get the best product for their money. Armed with their mobile phones, shoppers can tap into real-time shopper rewards, store-locators and social incentives.

City and Towns

We're bringing municipal services online, and can help your town or city utilise smart-devices to track and analyse service delivery, and assist in improving operational efficiency and resource planning.

Connected citizens are keen collaborators, tapped into a smart city network, they can help re-route traffic, rally together for better service provision, or just alert neighbours to potential criminal behaviour.

Commercial Ventures

Our experiencing developing our own range of mobile phones and tablets, has given us experience and insight into conducting business across Africa, and in China.

Our team can assist with developing your business purpose, workshopping your concept, and advising on the development of prototypes and ultimately the commercialisation thereof.