SuperSport interactive museum

As part of an initiative to showcase the evolution of broadcast at SuperSport, SiGNL designed and built an interactive museum.

The museum was designed to look like a locker room and tunnel in a rugby stadium complex and to blend seamlessly into existing aesthetic of MultiChoice city, the interactive museum encouraged visitors to learn about technological advancements in SuperSport's rugby coverage. 

The museum included: custom built interactive games, a hands-free, gesture-controlled photobooth which printed instant photos with real-time green-screening powered by an Xbox Kinect, a chance to pick up your own 3D-printed replica trophy, customise your own Springbok rugby jersey and view animated and interview content in a display lined tunnel which traced the history of SuperSport.  


  • > 80% staff engaged with experience
  • Engagement time > 8 minutes
  • 600 polaroids printed
  • 400 rugby jersey avatars
  • > 500 trophies handed out