GIBS Co.Central interactive installations

GIBS (Gordon Institute Business School) recently launched a collaborative working space in which SiGNL built interactive installations that collected participant data and displayed it in realtime.

1) Mood Board

The Mood Board was inspired by some of the practices workshop practices we do at our sister company, Inquisition, where we have some type of state check-in for participants. We then created a large physical “card” where visitors can input their respective current states as they walk into the learning space.

The physical build consists of a wooden structure embedded with 3D-printed buttons with emoji faces where various attributes can be selected. It is powered by, you guessed it, Raspberry Pi. Next to the structure is a permanent screen that displays the collated data in animated charts. In our first version, we hadn't incorporated a significant feedback loop to indicate input as being registered but we soon upgraded to a hard-to-miss animation on the graphs themselves to save the emoji buttons :)

2) Binary question

This installation has absolutely no tech and is rather simple but our love for the physicalisation of data and its ability to spark debate or deep thought (perhaps even behaviour change), compelled us to pitch this to the client.

There are various types of these installations on places such as Pinterest but we decided to make a version that suited the space. It's a wooden box partitioned in two with a question at the top and a choice can be made by voting with a coloured ball into the desired area. The effect is that one can see at a glance how others feel about a particular topic and can of course also join the "discussion" -- all through this simple interaction.