Creative Difference Workshops 

It’s at this time of the year that teams look for ways to re-energise and reflect on the work that needs to be done for the year ahead. You know that working as a group on strategic initiatives can contribute to a shared feeling of accountability, ownership and ultimately drive success. That’s why we’ve designed 4 experiences which blend Design Thinking, business strategy and an emerging technology together to help your team make the coming financial year your best year yet.


IOT for Business 

With 20 billion internet-connected things expected by 2020 (Gartner), IOT or the Internet of Things has increasingly become an important area of exploration for business.

It is expected to have a significant impact across industries but it’s not always known how to approach it nor clear benefits for organisations, customer and the teams that would implement it. Our custom IoT offering has a team assemble an electronics kit and make an IoT device. During the course of the day and at each stage of the assembly process we blend in theory and discussions related to how to integrate IoT into business as a strategic enabler.

We will cover:

  • An introduction to IoT
  • IoT case studies

  • Assessing customer needs in the context of an IoT offering, i.e. How might IoT enhance the lives of customers?

  • Practical experience in ideation then developing an IoT prototype (no technical experience necessary)



Conversation Design

Make chatbots people will want to use.

The conversational interface is fast becoming an interest area for businesses that want to jump into the next era of customer engagement that is scaled through automated intelligence to help people achieve their goals.

Although many success stories of chatbot commerce exist, the majority of cases have failed because they have neglected what we consider to be essential elements: clear value for customers, well-designed conversations, and iterative cycles of improvement.

We have created a day-long version of our chatbot workshop for teams in IT, digital, marketing/advertising, and communications who want to learn how to design conversational interfaces which achieve the balance between bot and human interaction. The focus will be on conversation design and the role of emergent technologies in your context rather than technical aspects of chatbots although you would be able to present your prototype from the session to a technical team or make use of myriad friendly tools online for further development.

We will cover:

  • How to employ a human-centred approach to chatbot development

  • Identifying how chatbots could play a role in your

  • Developing your chatbot persona

  • Building a prototype (test bot on Facebook Messenger)

  • Discussion: How might we be inclusive in applying chatbots/emergent technologies to our local context?


Alarm disarming game for teams

Fun team collaboration workshop.

One of the leading causes of progress-obstructing friction in even the most talented of teams is a lack of communication. We have consulted to many on formal ways to address this important issue and now we have another method that is suitable for lighter, fun situations such as end-of-year events.

Over 3 hours, your team takes part in a customised Hollywood ''bomb” defusion-style physical game customised for you with real but harmless electronics to disarm an alarm under various pressures.

They can only win if they communicate well!

Design Lab

We have created a design lab that takes participants through a Design Thinking process in physical space to capture and interrogate ideas on a chosen area such as everyday improvements or leaps in organisational thinking that could transform the business. Although the the lab begins with a short workshop with a smaller group, the setup remains accessible to many more people to experience it with prompts in the area to help guide them along.

In our recent experience, the ideas generated by the people who took part were presented to he broader organisation and leadership for further exploration.

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